Committees of the Association

Acquisitions Editorial

The Acquisitions Editorial Committee seeks to foster community among acquisitions staff by providing opportunities for mentorship, learning, and professional development. The committee develops guidelines for best practices in acquisitions (e.g., the peer review process); hosts conversations about critical topics and emerging concerns within scholarly publishing; promotes equitable, inclusive, and ethical editorial and workplace practices; and gathers and shares resources that support editors and acquisitions staff in their work.
Courtney Berger, Duke, Chair
Andrew Berzanskis, Washington
Deborah Gershenowitz, North Carolina
Zachary Gresham, Vanderbilt
Catherine Goldstead, Johns Hopkins
Kitty Liu, Cornell
Kristen Elias Rowley, Ohio State
Peggy Solic, Syracuse
Jenny Tan, Pennsylvania
Anthony Cond, Liverpool, Board Liaison
Brenna McLaughlin, Central Office Liaison


Established to support the advocacy work of the Association on behalf of all member presses as outlined in the AUPresses strategic plan, the Advocacy Committee focusses on providing resources for outreach to university administrators and on-campus advocacy, and maintaining a press-based advocacy toolkit on the UP Commons. Given the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the committee has been gathering feedback and suggestions from members to inform a substantive revision of the Association’s Crisis, Risk, and Advocacy Toolkit, to develop it as a proactive advocacy best practices guide for press directors responsive to our current moment.
Lisa Quinn, Wilfrid Laurier, Chair
Nate Bauer, Alaska
Ellen Chodosh, New York
Joel Cosseboom, Hawai’i
Micah Kleit, Rutgers
Colleen Lanick, Harvard
Elaine Maisner, North Carolina
Barbara Pope, Johns Hopkins
Christie Henry, Princeton, Board Liaison
Annette Windhorn, Central Office Liaison

Annual Meeting 2021

The 2021 Program Committee planned a program that would take full advantage of the virtual format, planning a number of general interest sessions that would appeal to what we expect to be an especially wide audience as well as concurrent sessions with more targeted focus. As in recent years, a significant part of our program addressed equity and inclusion topics, with an expanded focus to encompass disability and neurodiversity. The keynote speakers included Nikole Hannah-Jones (a New York Times reporter and editor of the 1619 Project), Leah Piepzna-Samarasinha (a writer and disability justice activist), and Lisa Lucas (a publisher outspoken about the importance of inclusivity in publishing). The program was loosely organized around the theme of disruption, reassembly, and resilience.
Jocelyn Dawson, Duke, Chair
Natalie Eidenier, Michigan State
Stephanie Williams, Wayne State
Kyle Gipson, Johns Hopkins/Basic Books
Ana Jimenez-Moreno, Ohio State
Erin Rolfs, McGill-Queen’s
Kerry Webb, Texas
Joeth Zucco, Washington
Niko Pfund, Oxford, Board Liaison
Susan Patton, Central Office Liaison

Annual Meeting 2022

With the Washington, DC location set and the planning season approaching, the 2022 Program Committee is soon to begin organizing the program, and procuring speakers, panelists, and moderators for the 2022 Annual Meeting, taking place June 18-20. The committee is excited to plan an in-person meeting after two years of virtual events, and will investigate ways to incorporate virtual components to increase meeting accessibility.
Pending, Chair
Lisa Bayer, Georgia, Board Liaison
Susan Patton, Central Office Liaison

Book, Jacket, and Journal Show

The Book, Jacket, and Journal Show Committee has ensured the continued success and visibility of the show even in the midst of a pandemic. The committee has maintained year-round visibility in the AUPresses and graphic design communities through the AUPresses Design website and @AUPressesDesign social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram. While COVID disrupted the show’s live debut and traveling exhibit, the committee produced the show catalog in print and, for the first time in show history, digital format. Judging took place remotely this year, also a first, with the selections again showcasing the breadth and depth of design and typography accomplished by member presses of the Association.
Dan Ruccia, Duke, Chair
Jennifer Blanc-Tal, Rutgers
Barbara Bourgoyne, LSU
Ani Deyirmenjian, Toronto
Mindy Hill, New Mexico
Kevin Barrett Kane, Stanford
Brady McNamara, Oxford
Katrina Noble, Washington
Regina Starace, Penn State
Isaac Tobin, Chicago
Kathryn Conrad, Arizona, Board Liaison
Kate Kolendo, Central Office Liaison

Business Systems

The Business Systems Committee recently organized and hosted the (virtual) 2021 AUPresses Finance Officers meeting. In addition, the committee is currently looking at ways to make the Quarterly Sales Data and Annual Operating Statistics Survey as comprehensive—and as useful to members—as possible. The committee will soon be developing plans for revision of the Business Handbook.
Al Bertrand, Georgetown, Chair
Nadine Buckland, West Indies
Hilary Claggett, Georgetown
Jennie Collinson, Liverpool
Emily Farrell, MIT
Brad Hebel, Columbia
Wynona McCormick, Texas A&M
Alice Ennis, Illinois, Board Liaison
Kim Miller, Central Office Liaison

Digital Publishing

The Digital Publishing Committee, in collaboration with the Library Relations Committee and colleagues at DS/DH centers at Brown and Emory, planned a series of webinars on new kinds of digital publications. The committee also collaborated on a session for the 2021 Annual Meeting on publishing digital course materials, and organized another session on some of the ways publishers have responded to the movement for racial justice. The committee compiled a list of resources for creating accessible publications to be hosted on the UP Commons site, and reached out to other committees to start a conversation about how to encourage and support accessibility work among member presses. The group also finalized a plan to create a listing of shared services offered by member presses, also to be hosted on UP Commons.
Beth Fuget, Washington, Chair
Darcy Cullen, British Columbia
Elizabeth Demers, Michigan
Taylor Dietrich, Cambridge
Kate O’Brien-Nicholson, Fordham
Noah Perales-Estoesta, Hawai’i
Sara Thaxton, Arizona
Clara Totten, Georgetown
Allison Belan, Duke, Board Liaison
Angelica DeVoe and Brenna McLaughlin, Central Office Liaisons

Editorial, Design, and Production

The Editorial, Design, and Production (EDP) Committee has traditionally assisted the Annual Meeting Program Committee in developing EDP content as part of its charge to develop and manage tools, programs, and resources to support the editorial, design, and production departments of member presses. Over the past year, with the move of press staff to remote work and the decision to hold the 2021 Annual Meeting and workshops remotely, the EDP Committee has worked especially to create online content for members, including hangouts, a virtual EDP Roundtable, and three sessions for the Annual Meeting. In the spring of 2021, the committee also created an updated set of Guidelines for Submitting Illustrations.
Mary Lui, Toronto, co-Chair
Julia Cook, Rochester, co-Chair
Jennifer Comeau, Illinois
Kelly Finefrock Creed, Alabama
Laura Furney, Colorado
Elena Goranescu, McGill-Queen’s
Kristin Harpster, Wayne State
Amanda Krause, Arizona
Neal Novak, Louisiana State
Lisa Bayer, Georgia, Board Liaison
Angelica DeVoe, Central Office Liaison

Equity, Justice, and Inclusion

To meet their objectives and charges for the year, the Equity, Justice, and Inclusion (EJI) Committee focused on: director outreach, events, communications, and data/demographics. The committee sponsored Racial Equity Institute (REI) Groundwater training for press directors, AUPresses staff, committee and task force chairs, and members of the EJI Committee, then continued director outreach through monthly “director activation” sessions. They organized and hosted three Community Reads events, as well as a virtual event focused on the newly released Antiracism Toolkit for Allies in Scholarly Publishing. The committee also created the Equitable Workplaces Commons Group, started a bimonthly newsletter that consolidates and highlights existing EJI resources and professional development opportunities, and hosted representatives from other committees at their own monthly committee meetings to foster cross-committee dialogue about equity work across all spheres. Additionally, they implemented a pilot survey and tracking program that will help presses assess how diverse and inclusive they are in the authors they publish, the reviewers they select, the faculty boards they form, and the many other external entities that help during the publication process.
Ellen Bush, North Carolina, co-Chair
Tara Cyphers, Ohio State, co-Chair
Mike Baccam, Washington
Brian Halley, Massachusetts
Gita Manaktala, MIT
Gianna Mosser, Vanderbilt
Stephanie Prieto, Wesleyan
Cathy Rimer-Surles, Duke
Stephanie Williams, Wayne State
Christie Henry, Princeton, Board Liaison
Peter Berkery, Central Office Liaison

Faculty Outreach

Acting on their charge to help scholars better understand scholarly publishing and university presses, this year’s Faculty Outreach Committee launched the public-facing website Ask UP, with a different “host press” responding to submitted questions each season; finalized the presentation template How to Get Published with a University Press; and contributed to formal and informal relationships with several learned societies to facilitate publishing panels at their conferences.
Anne Donlon, MLA, Chair
Ann Baker, Nebraska
Catherine Cocks, Michigan State
Ehren Foley, South Carolina
Ilene Kalish, NYU
Philip Leventhal, Columbia
Alisa Plant, Louisiana State
Marie Sweetman, Wayne State
Elizabeth Wilder, Arizona
Dan Williams, TCU
Fred Nachbaur, Fordham, Board Liaison
Annette Windhorn, Central Office Liaison

Intellectual Property and Copyright

The Intellectual Property and Copyright Committee utilized a variety of formats to amplify conversations concerning licensing and rights over the past year as well as to respond to public conversations about how the AUPresses community protects and upholds copyright. In addition to hosting a Let’s Talk About…Hangout on Fair Use and Permissions in March 2021 and developing programming for the Annual Meeting, committee members have also been researching how to facilitate the process of decolonizing contracts. The committee continues to consistently make use of the AAUP-R listserv to foster collaboration, discussion, and engagement with the broader AUPresses community.
Angelica Lopez-Torres, Texas, Chair
Ceylan Akturk, Princeton
Bryan Birchmeier, Michigan
Natalie Blachere, McGill-Queen’s
Ricky S. Huard, Ohio
Greta Lindquist, Stanford
Elisabeth Maselli, Rutgers
Shannon O’Reilly, Georgetown
Karin Tucker, California
Kathryn Conrad, Arizona, Board Liaison
Kate Kolendo, Central Office Liaison


The Investment Committee provides oversight to the investment of the Association’s quasi-endowment fund. The committee also monitors other Association investments relative to the objectives outlined in the Investment Policy Statement (IPS).
Mike Bieker, Arkansas, Chair
Nadine Buckland, West Indies
Susan Doerr, Minnesota
Adam Keller, Ohio State
Amy Schultz, Northwestern
Donna Shear, Nebraska
Tracy Tritschler, Missouri
Dan Wackrow, Harvard
Jean Kim, Stanford, Board Liaison
Kim Miller, Central Office Liaisons


In keeping with the Journals Committee’s charge to develop and manage tools, activities, and resources to assist Association members in improving the function of and promoting the public face of their journals programs, the committee created programming for the virtual Annual Meeting and hosted virtual hangouts throughout the year that focused on the vital goal of making our journals programs more visible in our scholarly publishing communities and within the academy.
Jessica Karp, Penn State, Chair
Megan Ainsworth, Liverpool
Alexa Colella, Illinois
Claire Eder, Wisconsin
Jason Gosnell, Marine Corps
Stacy Lavin, Duke
Joel Puchalla, Nebraska
Sandra Shaw, Toronto
Julie Warheit, Wayne State
Alice Ennis, Illinois, Board Liaison
Kate Kolendo, Central Office Liaison

Library Relations

The Library Relations Committee expands communications and collaborations between university presses and libraries. This year, the committee organized a session for the AUPresses Annual Meeting and worked with the Library Publishing Coalition to solicit applications for the cross-pollination conference registration waiver program. They have also been collaborating with the Digital Publishing Committee to bring a small series of seminars on innovative digital publishing projects.
Abby Mogollon, Arizona, Chair
Jason Fikes, Abilene Christian
Ana Maria Jimenez-Moreno, Ohio State
John McLeod, North Carolina
Stephanie Rollins, Air University
Elizabeth Scarpelli, Cincinnati
Joell Smith-Borne, Vanderbilt
Anthony Cond, Liverpool, Board Liaison
Brenna McLaughlin, Central Office Liaison


In 2020-2021, the Marketing Committee completed several tasks based on its charges. Playing off of their successful AUPresses Hangout on Navigating the Evolving World of Virtual Exhibits in October 2020, which had 175 attendees, the group worked on a follow-up hangout (based on discernible interest in this topic from the community) in May 2021. The committee also came up with some other options for future events including how we can market with EJI/diverse audiences in mind, and is looking ahead to planning an in-person marketing workshop at the 2022 Annual Meeting. The group also focused on updating the Advertising section and creating the Sales section of the Marketing handbook, and offered our opinion to the Central Office on a partnership proposal from the New Books Network.
Stephanie Adams, Stanford, Chair
Ken Carpenter, Harvard
Jeremy Grainger, Rutgers
Romi Gutierrez, Florida
Elise Jajuga, Michigan State
Casey LaVela, Wisconsin
Emily Powers, Beacon Press
Erin Rolfs, McGill-Queen’s
Anne Strother, Northwestern
Lara Mainville, Ottawa, Board Liaison
Annette Windhorn, Central Office Liaison

Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee (PDC) develops and manages tools, programs, and resources to assist Association members in improving their publishing expertise, developing their leadership skills, and enhancing their professional development. This year, the PDC organized three webinars on timely topics: Planning Your Career Trajectory, Increasing Equity in Hiring, Interviewing, and Onboarding, and University Press Finance for Non-Finance Professionals; coordinated with the Program Committee on the speed networking event for the 2021 Annual Meeting; is hosting a networking session for meeting newcomers at the conference; and hosted a check-in event for those in this year’s mentorship program. The committee is in the process of matching this year’s mentors and mentees ahead of the Annual Meeting. As the pandemic continues, their role in the AUPresses Residency Program has been delayed until travel is safer.
Kathryn Marguy, Johns Hopkins, Chair
Lisa Banning, Rutgers
Courtney Berger, Duke
Lyndsey Claro, Princeton
David Juarez, Notre Dame
Joe Rusko, Johns Hopkins
Lisa Tremaine, Texas Review
Stephanie Williams, Wayne State, Board Liaison
Angelica DeVoe and Susan Patton, Central Office Liaisons