Committees of the Board

Admissions and Standards

Responsible for evaluating all applications for membership in the Association, this year the Admissions and Standards Committee reviewed and recommended approval of nine submissions. They reviewed one new Regular, two new Affiliate, and one new Introductory membership applications. They also recommended that a record six Introductory members transition to permanent status—two to Regular membership and four to Affiliate membership. In addition, the committee began consideration of whether AUPresses should require applicants and current members to acknowledge the Association’s core values.
Mary Dougherty, Massachusetts, Chair
Lisa Bayer, Georgia
Allison Belan, Duke
Anthony Cond, Liverpool
Dawn Durante, Texas
Dennis Lloyd, Wisconsin
Peter Berkery, Central Office Liaison


The Audit Committee provides oversight to the conduct of the Association’s annual financial audit. Specific charges of the committee include selection of an independent accounting firm to conduct the audit, meeting (virtually) with principals of the firm to review audit procedures, reviewing the final audit report to discuss any material findings or disclosures therein, and to confirm financial compliance by AUPresses personnel.
Donna Shear, Nebraska, Chair
Mike Bieker, Arkansas
Alice Ennis, Illinois
Christie Henry, Princeton
Kim Miller, Central Office Liaison


The Nominating Committee solicited and evaluated nominations from the entire membership for candidates for the 2021-2022 Board of Directors in fall 2020. The committee’s recommendations for President-Elect and Treasurer-Elect, and two Directors-at-Large were approved by the current Board at their April meeting and will be presented for ratification by AUPresses members at the May 2021 Virtual Business Meeting. The committee was also charged with investigating potential changes to the process by which Board members are chosen in order to increase both transparency and membership input. The committee surveyed the membership for their feedback on the nomination process and researched best practices for Board elections. In spring 2021, the committee provided a list of recommendations for changes to the Board of Directors.
Jennifer Crewe, Columbia, Chair
Kathyrn Conrad, Arizona
Mary Francis, Pennsylvania
Lara Mainville, Ottawa
Fred Nachbaur, Fordham
Erich van Rijn, California
Mark Simpson-Vos, North Carolina
Susan Patton, Central Office Liaison